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Unsettled Spring Pattern

Breezy but wet. Kind of sums up the conditions on Maui the last several days. Plenty of wind most of the time, it’s just that the quality of the wind has been questionable at times. With wet, windward showers hitting Maui’s north shore off and on for the past several days, timing has been key […]

Windsurfing Maui April Update

Things have calmed down on Maui the last several days – both wind and waves, at least on the north shore. The week started out on Sunday with both wind and surf. Kind of brutal but fun at Uppers on Sunday. Super maxed out on 5.0 outside the break. Barely any wind at all inside […]

Behind the Scenes

Today’s menu, some behind the scenes look into some aspects of the windsurfing industry, including some insights from sail designers Maui Sails’ Barry Spanier and Neil Pryde’s┬áRobert Stroj & Jamie Mclellan as well as some personal perspective from Maui rippers Kai Lenny and Bernd Roediger. But before we get to that, I heard news at […]

Windsurfing Maui – Good Start for April

Windsurfing in April picked up where March left off with good trade winds and some decent waves. Winds were supposed to lighten up to super light southeasterlies this week but that hasn’t happened yet. There’s all kinds of photo and video coverage of windsurfing on Maui right now since it’s photo shoot season. Neil Pryde […]