Maui Windsurfing Season

When to come to Maui on your windsurfing vacation

Your choices of when to come to Maui on your windsurfing vacation depends on what your looking for. In a nutshell, summer is the windiest and most consistently windy time on Maui, but the waves are smaller or non-existent.

Winter brings the biggest waves on the north shore, but the winds get less consistent – sometimes disappearing for weeks at a time. The Spring and Fall months, are your best bet if you’re looking for a combination of both wind and waves.

Not really interested in wave sailing? Summer is your best bet then. In June and July you’re almost guaranteed 95% of the days will be blowing over 20 mph. August can be iffy since it’s the height of hurricane season in the north Pacific. We usually get at least two or three hurricanes that end up cutting off the trade winds and bringing hot, muggy and rainy weather.

Want to get in the waves and have a decent shot of wind too? Then March through May and then October and November are your best chances of finding both wind and waves.

My wife Karen did a more thorough explanation of when to plan your Maui windsurfing vacation on her blog.