Sprecks and Sugar Cove

Sprecklesville refers to the area along the coast between Camp One and Baldwin Beach Park. There is public beach access from Stable Road, but it’s dirt road, parking is a challenge and there are no amenities. That said, the allure of Sprecks is that the waves are often bigger than at Kanaha and the wind can be a bit stronger, especially if the wind is ENE.

Just upwind from Sprecks is Sugar Cove, a nice little beach that fronts private condos, but also has a public beach access with extremely limited parking and no amenities. The wind can be extremely shadowed for launching at Sugar Cove, but the sailing here can be awesome and is never crowded. Further upwind from Sprecks and Sugar Cove you can sail up to the outer break known as Spartans (named after the sunken ship – The Spartan) or the break known as Secrets, downwind from Baby Beach.

Photos of the beach and sailing at Sprecks and Sugar Cove