When the trade winds swing around to north winds or when we get occasional south winds, the beaches at Kihei often have stronger winds than on the north shore. When the winds are from the north, they funnel through Maui’s central valley and then blast down through Kihei. These north winds often tend to be a bit gusty and unless the wind direction is NNW, there’s often a bit of slog to get to the windline.

Ohukai aka Pavilions

At the north end of Kihei, on South Kihei Road you’ll see a park with a blue cinder block building at the intersectino of Ohukai street. This is the most popular Kihei windsurfing launch. Lots of grass for rigging. A nice sandy launch. The reef can get pretty shallow at low tide so watch where others are sailing. The sailing here can be very choppy and gusty on north winds. Keep you eye on the wind. It can shut down in a hurry here.

Maui Sunset

Further down the road you’ll start seeing lots of condos along the water. One of these, the Maui Sunset, has a public access beach behind it along the beach. There’s a very small parking lot. Maui Sunset has a very shallow reef so be very carefull and watch where others are sailing. Maui Sunset has also become very popular with kiters over the past few years, so you have to watch out for kite lines as well.