Unless you’re an aspiring pro windsurfer or an expert windsurfer, Kanaha is probably the place you should be sailing when you come to Maui. Kanaha park is a big park with several sections, lots of parking, lots of grass for rigging and lots of sandy beach.

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Kanaha is divided into two main sailing areas; Uppers and Lowers. The upwind launch and wave break is known as Uppers, the lower (downwind) launch and break is known as Lowers. Most of the time Lowers tends to be a little bit smaller wave than you’ll find at Uppers though it is also often a cleaner, longer and more predictable wave than the breaks at Uppers. Lowers also tends to be a little lighter winds than Uppers most of the time. The break is pretty close to and directly in front of the launch. Launch downwind of the swimming area when at Lowers. Don’t even think about venturing into the swimming area, even if you’re swimming your gear in.

Just upwind from the break at Lowers, if there’s any kind of waves breaking, you should see weird wave breaking at an odd angle. This is the “Weird Wave.” Avoid it. There’s a channel between the break at Lowers and Weird Wave. This is your best bet for getting outside the reef if you’re not comfortable sailing through the waves.

Upwind of the Weird Wave is the area known as Uppers. This is a big area that actually consists of several smaller breaks. Most people refer to Uppers as the area from Weird Wave up to some of the houses upwind of Kanaha.

Photos of the beach and sailing at Kanaha