Known throughout the windsurfing world as the premiere wave sailing venue in the world, Ho’okipa is a very challenging place to sail. The launch is shadowed from the winds, and made more difficult by strong currents and if there’s any north swell running at all, waves, breaking within 100 yards of the launch. To make things more hairy, the waves and current take anyone in the water to Ho’okipa’s infamous unforgiving rocks.

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During the Fall, Winter and Spring months, gets big waves and it’s recommended for only advanced and expert windsurfers. During these months you’ll see some of the best pro windsurfers in the world practicing and training. The bluff downwind of the launch offers a perfect viewing and if you’re visiting Maui on your windsurfing vacation during these months, stop by and check out some of the action. Most of the windsurfing photos and windsurfing videos in the gallery on this website are shot from the bluff at Hookipa. Check those out if you want to get an idea of the action.

During the summer months, the waves on the north shore mellow out considerably and conditions become more amenable to even intermediate windsurfers. Just beware that launching at Hookipa, even in the summer, can be difficult due to the shore break and currents. It’s best to watch how others time it before trying it yourself.

Some photos of recent action at Hookipa, Fall 2010