Maui Windsurfing Information

So you want to come to Maui for your windsurfing vacation but you’ve got lots of questions. When is the best time to come to Maui for windsurfing? Should I bring my own gear or rent? Where should I rent windsurfing gear on Maui? Where should I stay? Where should I sail? Do I need a car? Can I get instruction? Well, hopefully I’ll be able to answer all those questions and more. Check out the sections below to learn more.

Maui Windsurfing Beaches

There may be dozens or hundreds of beaches on Maui, but there are only a few main windsurfing beaches on Maui. Learn about the various beaches and launches, what’s best for your ability level and which works best in what conditions. Read more >>

Where to get windsurfing gear on Maui

Should you rent or bring your own? If you decide to rent or buy, where should you go? Read more >>

When to come to Maui for windsurfing

Your choices of when to come to Maui on your windsurfing vacation depends on what your looking for. Learn the best time to come for guaranteed wind or if waves are what you’re looking for, when your best chance of catching the notorious north shore swell season. Read more >>

Where to stay in Maui on your windsurfing vacation

Your choices of where to stay in Maui on your windsurfing vacation are varied. Do you want to minimize driving time to the beach or is a tight budget your biggest consideration. Read more >>

Maui Kitesurfing and Kiteboarding

Maui’s trade winds make it a popular destination not only for windsurfing, but for kiteboarding or kitesurfing as well. If you’re a kiter, like it or not, there are rules and regulations that define where you can and cannot kite on Maui’s north shore. Read more >>

Maui Race Series

The Maui Race Series is the longest running windsurfing race in the world. Every year starting in early June 5 races are held every other Saturday at Kanaha Beach Park. With divisions for pros and amateurs as well as age group, the Maui Race Series provides great slalom racing action for windsurfers of all abilities and ages.


Maui Web Cams

Need to decide if you want to make the trek from Kihei to the north shore? Or are you stuck at work and just aching to see what it’s doing on Maui. Check out Maui’s web cams to get a real time look at what’s going on here. Read more >>

Maui Restaurants

Your dining options on Maui run the gamut from cheap fast food to gourmet cuisine that you may need to take out a third mortgage to enjoy. This isn’t a definitive guide, but I’ll give you my opinion of what I like and where I think it’s worth going. Read more >>

Maui Windsurfing Talkstory

Locally produced on Maui, Windsurfing Talk Story was a weekly radio show on Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm HST on RadiOpio 89.5 FM on Maui. Some great stories from some big names in windsurfing as well as some unsung heros of windsurfing. Read more >>