About Maui Windsurfing

The idea for this site started in April 2004 when I launched a blog on Blogger with the intent of providing windsurfing reports about sailing on Maui to all the content-starved windsurfers around the world. As the site grew in traffic and popularity I realized that the windsurfing industry and shops here on Maui were missing an opportunity to provide reports, photos and videos from the unofficial windsurfing mecca and R&D center on the planet. There was an obvious void to fill, so I launched it as a full-fledged website as MauiWindsurfing.net.

I’m definitely not a professional windsurfer and not sponsored by any of the brands – though I do appreciate the “Kama`aina” or “bro” deals I’ve gotten from friends over the years here. So, this site is primarily a labor of love without any industry backing.

If you’re primarily interested in slalom sailing, we launched MauiRaceSeries.com in August 2010 in response to a demand for information about the Maui Race Series from some of the local slalom crowd.

Thanks to all the kind words over the years to those who’ve expressed gratitude and appreciation for this site.

Mahalo and Aloha!