And now for something completely different. You don’t see me covering freestyle windsurfing much here. That’s because the freestyle scene here on Maui really isn’t that big. You will see a few people throwing it around, mostly between Uppers and Lowers Kanaha, but Maui certainly isn’t the mecca of freestyle like Bonaire or Margarita.

Windsurfing filmaker Andre Paskowski has recently released a new file, “Rewarded”, a documentary about Margarita’s Gollito Estredo.

It is the story about a poor fisherman’s son who had the dream to become the best freestyle windsurfer on the planet – and achieved it! Holding five World Titles and innumerable World Cup Victories Jose “Gollito” Estredo definetely is the best of his profession. But what did it take to get there? Just watch Andre Paskowski’s new movie Rewarded at find out.

REWARDED from Andre Paskowski on Vimeo.

“This movie is dedicated to Gollito because I believe he deserves it,” explains Andre Paskowski. “Gollito grew up in poorest living conditions and incredibly made it up to the top developing himself into the best freestyle windsurfer.” To reward his close friend with a cinematic biography Andre Paskwoski followed Gollito Estredo to Fuerteventura and Tarifa, met Gollito’s family in El Yaque, Venezuela, and spoke to longtime friends and sponsors. To find out about the true story behind Gollito. Now Andre released “Rewarded”, a highly personal documentary about the rebellious windsurf star from Venezuela that impresses with atmospheric pictures and finest freestyle action.

Like the short teaser clip “Magic Moments”, that was released last week, “Rewarded” is also a hot nominee for the upcomming X-Dance Action Sport Film Festival in Salt Lake City, USA, at the beginning of November. A huge success for both producer Andre Paskowski and editor Sebastian Dörr who scored their first nomination for the prestigious film festival in 2011 with their last film “Minds Wide Open”. A great motivation especially for two-times European Freestyle Champion Andre Paskowski, who had to put his sportive career on hold since he was diagnosed with cancer to years ago.

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