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2013 Maui Windsurfing Calendar Now Available

2012 is coming to a close and 2013 is rapidly approaching, so it’s time for the annual release of the Maui Windsurfing wall calendar. The 2013 Maui Windsurfing calendar is all wave sailing action from Hookipa again. So, need a wall calendar for 2013? Get it now in the Maui Windsurfing Cafe Press shop. Just […]


And now for something completely different. You don’t see me covering freestyle windsurfing much here. That’s because the freestyle scene here on Maui really isn’t that big. You will see a few people throwing it around, mostly between Uppers and Lowers Kanaha, but Maui certainly isn’t the mecca of freestyle like Bonaire or Margarita. Windsurfing […]

2012 Maui Makani Classic Compilation

The 2012 American Windsurfing Tour Maui Makani Classic wrapped up last night with the closing ceremony. By all accounts it was an extremely successful event with outstanding conditions and fantastic action. If you weren’t lucky enough to be here on Maui to watch it or watch the live cast online and you need to catch […]