High Surf Warning

Although the north shore surf season arrived a few weeks ago and we’ve been seeing waves on the north shore fairly regularly since then, we got our first truly extra large surf event this past week – much earlier than normal.

The weather pattern last week brought super light winds as the high pressure ridge was camped out right on top of the Hawaiian Islands, bringing very light southerly winds and volcanic haze up from the Big Island.

Conditions started to change on Wednesday as the 20 – 25 foot swell was hitting the north shore. Still too light for sailing, all the real action was up the coast at Jaws. I hear Jimmy Hepp was on hand so, there should be a bajillion photos from that day on his Facebook page. Should be a lot of videos starting to hit the internet too from that day though I haven’t come across any yet (haven’t bothered to look).

Thursday brought stronger winds and the waves were down enough to make Hookipa work. Since I’m still on the disabled list, I packed up my camera gear and headed to the bluff at Hookipa. Shot some video that I haven’t even checked out yet, but mostly I focused on getting some still photos in order to get some photos for the upcoming 2013 Maui Windsurfing wall calendar.

If you’re looking for video from this event, I just found this fromĀ Scepko Miroslav

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