Maui in Transition

Matt Pritchard Lesson at Uppers KanahaHas it been another week already? We had a variety of conditions on Maui over the last week. Some light wind days some blasting days. Pretty damn windy and bumpy on Tuesday. Gorgeous sunny day though and not too crowded so overall a good session.

Beast from the East returned on Wednesday – light inside but still blasting outside. Trade winds turned south of east on Thursday – too light for me to care about – and started trying to fill back in yesterday but it still looked lighter and flatter than I cared to deal with.

Looking for some video to share, here’s what I’ve scrounged up. Matt Pritchard is out doing lessons still and filming them and sharing. Here’s a lesson at Kanaha with Simon Horlick.

And Chris Freeman shares this GoPro video of him sailing at Lowers, Kanaha.

Oh yea, that bit about Maui in transition… north shore swells are definitely getting fewer and smaller, easterly wind swell is starting to dominate on the north shore more often and the south shore swells are starting up. Whales are almost completely gone. Winter and Spring Break windsurfers are becoming more scarce and the post-ski season crowds are starting to arrive. The transition to summertime mode is in full swing.

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