Fresh Maui Windsurfing Videos

Haven’t had the time myself to shoot or edit any new video, but a couple of new windsurfing videos of Maui action have hit the interwebs recently.

Italian sponsored rider Andrea Franchini and Adele Frola posted this video of their recent Maui trip with action at Hookipa and Secrets.


And recent Team Goya addition, Bernd Roediger compiled this video of his sessions at Hookipa and Secrets as well.


Biggest north swell of the season is hitting the north shore right now. The big action is at Jaws where the likes of Levi, Francisco, Brawzinho are. If you’re on Facebook, Francsisco, Levi, Quatro are posting live photos from Jaws right now. No doubt we’ll be seeing tons of photos and video of today’s Jaws action hit the web over the next few days.



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