Windsurfing Maui – March 2011

After a slow February and a slow first few days, Maui has gone off in March. We’ve had 30 knots of wind just about every day, some big wave events, including more Jaws days, and of course a tsunami to spice things up even more. Most people wouldn’t admit to needing a break, but there’s a lot of tired and sore windsurfers on Maui right now. And a lot of smiles too. Definitely the windiest March I can remember for windsurfing on Maui in many years.

Lots of commotion all along Maui’s north shore as brands and team riders are here for photo shoots. All the way from Kanaha to Camp One to Sprecks to Hookipa to Jaws, you can’t go anywhere without seeing team riders and brand managers and photographers and helicopters trying to get their shots in of the 2012 gear. I’ve been too busy to get out and catch much of this action but there’s plenty of other options on the web for you to get a sneak peak of all the new 2012 windsurfing sails and boards.

Jimmie Hepp’s photos

Kevin Pritchard’s take on the windsurfing conditions here on Maui lately

MauiWaterShoot has some great shots of recent action at Hookipa

The County of Maui made it official with a press release about windsurfing competition returning to Maui this year

Looks like we may get a couple more days of wind, albeit a bit lighter the next few days and then it looks like we may be in store for a change in the weather some time next week where the trade winds may go away for a few days – replaced by some unsettled, rainy weather.

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