Windsurfing Maui April Update

Things have calmed down on Maui the last several days – both wind and waves, at least on the north shore. The week started out on Sunday with both wind and surf. Kind of brutal but fun at Uppers on Sunday. Super maxed out on 5.0 outside the break. Barely any wind at all inside the break due to easterly wind component. Pretty gnarly outside but some fun logo high wind swell from the NE breaking, making for some fun rides.

Sailed Sprecks on Tuesday. Just about the whole Neil Pryde team was there doing photo shoots. Pretty gnarly early on with blasting, gusty east winds, but when the clouds cleared later in the day the conditions mellowed a bit. Very well powered on 4.5.

Back to Kanaha on Wednesday for a nice fun session despite being slightly underpowered on 4.5 – good in the gusts but the holes made it a bit of work to get and stay up wind in the head high surf. Lots of photo shoot action at Kanaha with Peter Biel and Antoine Albeau out blasting around on big 2012 Neil Pryde race sails for the helicopter and team North/Fanatic also in the break at Uppers with their own chopper.

Russ Faurot posted a nice little update with some nice photos of the action up the coast at Kuau and Hookipa the last few days. Check it out.

Neil Pryde continues to post their Neil Pryde photoshoot video series. If you’re hoping to catch a peak at the 2012 Neil Pryde sails there though, you’re going to be disappointed. You’ll have to find that elsewhere.

Epic Sessions continues to test and gear up for the Oxbow Ride the Sky event. Check out this update from Casey Hauser and Jake Miller.


We probably won’t see conditions suitable for the event for a few days. Looks like the best hope for return of wind and waves is Tuesday at the earliest.

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