Windsurfing Gear Clearance Sale

Looking for some used windsurfing gear on Maui?  I’ve got used windsurfing boards and used windsurfing sails for sale. Note: I’m currently only selling these on island. WILL NOT SHIP!

Used Windsurfing Sails

2008 Gaastra Manic Wave Sails

5.7 – Very goood Condition – $200

5.3 – Very good condition – $180

5.0 – Very Good Condition – $160

4.5 – Very Good Condition (small tear in luff sleeve) – $140

Or buy all four sails for $600!

Want these sails? Contact me.

Gaastra 430 Carbon mast for the 5.7 – great condition  – $260

Used Windsurfing Boards

2008 Tabou Da Curve 95L Prototype

Good condition. Some repair work done. 73L Graphics but really 95L. $250

This was a prototype wave board that Matt Pritchard was developing for the 2008 Tabou Da Curve line. They never put it into production so it’s essentially a custom wave board. Floaty, but amazingly agile on a wave.

Want this board? Contact me.

2007 Tabou Da Curve 85L

Very good condition. $400

Want this board? Contact me.


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