Video: Hookipa Leftovers

Leftover windsurfing footage from Hookipa Maui the day before Thanksgiving.


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A bit squally, offshore and up and down for turkey day. Still a few good waves out there to make it worthwhile. Squall shut down the wind, ending the first session and initiating lunch break. Rebecca’s letting me try a 2011 Simmer Icon 5.0 so I rigged down to demo that. Worked mostly pretty well. The Icon definitely has a more powerful feel and better bottom end than my 2008 Manics. Pretty consistent, constant pull up front but not nearly as much as the Maui Sails Legend. Icon de-powered really well in the waves, and jibes. Really a nice feeling sail. Hoping I can get score some of the bigger Icons do demo as well.

Had a pretty fun session on Friday despite the negative reviews I got from everyone else coming off the water. Pretty insanely windy to be sure. Could have been on 4.2. But, the saving grace was the smooth, NE wind swell rolling in. Logo high. Pretty NE, but not so bad that you couldn’t go down the line. Some really fun rides.

Saturday was looking like it would be pretty marginal originally. Looked like sketchy 5.3 when I arrived at the beach to check it out. Rigged it anyway, seeing signs of the wind picking up. Nice for about 30 minutes and then some threw the wind switch on. Hung on to enjoy the remaining waves. Definitely smaller than yesterday and still predominantly NE wind swell but still fun.

After another 20 minutes the 5.3 was getting ridiculous to hang on to so I headed in to rig down to 4.5.

It was obvious before I even launched that the 4.5 was going to be too much. Just wasn’t sure how much too much. Waaaay too much was the answer. Shoulda rigged the 4.2 but then again, I forgot to throw it into the van. 4.0 might have worked.

Winds on Sunday were forecast to drop off a lot. Though they made an attempt midday, they were never sustained enough to make it a sailable day from my perspective. Trade winds should remain light for a couple of days then start making a come back either Wednesday or Thursday.

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  1. pj November 29, 2010 at 4:19 am #

    Love to see Legend Craig Maisonville at Hookipa