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Windsurfing Launch Access at Kanaha Beach park

It’s been awhile since I posted about the proposed plan to enlarge the swim zones at Kanaha thereby effectively limiting windsurfing launch access. What’s the problem? The state is preparing to install three sets of buoys at Kanaha Beach Park to designate expanded swim zones that will exclude all vessels and watercraft, such as kites, […]

2014 Maui Windsurfing Calendar Update

For those looking for a 2014 Maui Windsurfing Calendar or wondering if there will be one this year, the simple answer is, I don’t know if there will be one this year. I don’t have any recent photos for a new calendar yet and my camera is having problems. So, I can’t guarantee that there […]

Protect Ocean Access at Kanaha

Please protect ocean access at Kanaha Beach State DOBOR is considering enforcing a 25 year old rule that would block the current access for most water users from over 3000 feet of Kanaha beach shoreline. Learn more and join the petition to keep windsurfing access at Kanaha.